Making a Copy of your (legitimately purchased) Music CD on Your Computer IS Illegal According to the RIAA:

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is now going after Personal Use:
It was bound to happen.  When any industry rightfully attacks, and the number of law suits which are filed are in the tens of thousands, overreaching is a real possibility.  In the case of the RIAA, overreaching has come to pass.

NTP Inc. v. Research in Motion Ltd.

The BlackBerry Dispute ... The long winding legal battle between Research in Motion (RIM) and New Technology Products (NTP Inc.) over patent infringement issues concerning RIM’s flagship product, the BlackBerry platform of wireless email communication, finally came to an end on March 3, 2006.  RIM agreed to pay a settlement of $612.5 million to NTP in a full and final settlement.  In return, RIM receives a license to all of NTP’s patents that relate to RIM’s products.  This settlement brings an end to litigation that spanned nearly six years, and likely brings relief to over three million BlackBerry customers who feared a disruption in service in the wake of looming injunctions on the sale and support of BlackBerry devices in the U.S.

Title: Patenting, branding, and marketing

Patenting, branding, and marketing ... When it comes to product or service development, these activities should be thought of as mutually beneficial, not necessarily mutually exclusive.
Patenting involves securing ones intellectual property rights by obtaining a grant of a patent, thus protecting the novel features of the invention from being made, used, offered for sale, or sold by someone other than the inventor.  Branding on the other hand, is the process of developing a products identity within the minds of the consumer.  Patenting is accomplished by securing a patent, and branding is accomplished, typically, through marketing efforts.  However, these development efforts need not, and should not occur in a vacuum.

Title: Patent Basics (for the Ingham County Bar Association)

What is Intellectual property ... Not sure what intellectual property is?  Well, you’re not alone.  When I inform someone of the type of law I practice, inevitably I get the response, “IP, … what’s that?”  Therefore, let’s start at the beginning. defines intellectual property (IP) as:


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